The Tropical Health Research Facility in Townsville will be a world-class infectious diseases research facility incorporating PC2 & PC3 laboratories & biological facilities, specialist laboratory support spaces and offices.

The primary contribution of the Facility will be in health security research, which will include the development of diagnostic tools, vaccines, and the identification of bacterial pathogens. The Facility and research undertaken within it will:

  • Focus on re-emerging bacterial diseases for which tropical Queenslanders are at significant risk, including tuberculosis, meliodosis and Q fever, and on communicable disease diagnostics and control;
  • Provide a biobank facility for clinical and epidemiological samples;
  • Engage new high-quality biomedical research staff to join existing researchers;
  • Host visiting experts (visitors and trainees will include participants from Australia and from neighbouring countries);
  • Train and mentor young researchers and health professionals involved in translating innovation into practice; and
  • Accommodate proof-of-concept work leading to commercialisation opportunities.

Research contributing to better health for people in the tropics world-wide

To become a world leader in tropical health and medical research,